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Digital to Analogue Converter Pmod I/O Interface Board

DIGILENT 410-064
DIGILENT 410-064

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Digilent PmodAD1 Analog to Digital Module Converter Board
Digilent System Boards
Analog Devices
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The 210-064 is an analog to digital module converter (AD1) board for AD7476A 12bit A to D converter chips. It converts signals at a maximum sampling rate of one million samples per second. The AD1 uses a 6 pin header connector and at less than one square inch is small enough to be located at the signal source and it converts an analog input signal ranging from 0V to 3.3V to a 12bit digital value in the range 0 to 4095. The AD1 has two simultaneous A to D conversion channels, each with a 12bit converter and filter. Each channel can sample a separate stream of analog signals. The AD1 can also convert a single stream of analog signals using only one channel. Each channel has two 2 pole sallen key antialias filters with poles set to 500KHz. The filters limit the analog signal bandwidth to a frequency range suitable to the sample rate of the converter. It uses the SPI/MICROWIRE serial bus standard to send converted data to the host system.
  • Very low power consumption
  • Small form factor (0.95inch x 0.80inch)

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Communications & Networking, Audio


The AD1 can be powered by voltage from either a Diligent system board or an outside device. Damage can result if power is supplied from both sources or if the outside device supplies more than 3V.

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